17 May 2009


24" x 36"
(Click for larger view)

I had a very helpful sculpture class while I attended the Academy. Being a painter, confined to a flat surface (or practically flat), it was great to create something three-dimensional.

I recently returned from a painting trip to Santa Fe, NM. It was an amazing experience. Being there, in such a new environment, seeing only desert and mountains on all sides, really puts some things in perspective. Having that landscape to see out the car window for a week was really breathtaking. Their art stores have giant snakes in them, by the way. But by the end of the trip, it's great to come home to Chicago and have a new appreciation for the many things we take for granted here. 
Anways, I did some painting and drawing while I was there and will be posting it very soon.

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J. Anthony Kosar said...

I enjoyed seeing the painting at your show! The sculpture looks great too!