22 June 2012


Cropped detail of what's currently on the easel.

08 February 2012

My Two Favorite People*

10" x 10"
Oil on canvas

Untitled (Self-Portrait)
12.5" x 15.5"
Oil on wood

06 February 2012

"One Drawn Out Painting and Two Pet Commissions" or "You Paint Animals?"




I Know Who You Painted Last Summer

30 Minutes

I was just figuring out how I like to use watercolor. Had some nice revelations in this piece. It definitely helped that I was surrounded by Mat Barber Kennedy and the Sons of Turner. I was also a model.

Mat Barber Kennedy's rendition of me

10 June 2010

Flat Iron Summer smArt Show

Good friend and fellow painter Lisa Carter was generous enough to bring in a few other artists into her studio this past weekend for the smArtshow. It's a quarterly event at the Flat Iron Arts Building, which has a great location at Milwaukee/North/Damen. You've probably been right in front of the building and never realized it.
Anyways, the show was great, Lisa invited two other artists and myself to share her studio space. Ryan Shultz, a former Academy graduate, was one them. It was great to see his work in person, go check his site out. Lisa had some room to spare since all her work is in another gallery for a solo show coming up at the University Club. The opening is tonight actually, formal attire kiddos.

Here's a few pictures from the space I was in.

I put in a few pieces I haven't exhibited in awhile and they got a great response. I almost had forgotten about them, I'm glad Diana reminded me. Speaking of, go to her site and check out all the new work she's been whipping out. She's getting ready for the Humboldt Park Art Fair this weekend. I'm really proud of all the things she's been doing.

Thanks again to Lisa for having me in her space and to everyone who came out.