22 May 2010

Sons of Turner: Savannah Trip Part I

Some of you may remember my trip last year to Santa Fe, anyone? This years trip would be even more productive and fulfilling. The differences between last year and now are huge. Having just graduated before Santa Fe, I used the trip as a chance to unwind and mostly use the time to explore the place, and get a few pieces of art done. This year I was in much need of this trip, not only to be around old friends but to break away from the daily routine I've been stuck in since graduation. Savannah proved to be a more motivational and inspiring trip for everyone, even more than last year.

After driving for 16 hours straight with 3 friends, we finally arrived in Savannah. The minute we arrived you could sense the differences from Chicago. It's an amazing city and having 8 days to take it in felt like barely enough. There's so much history and beautiful architecture/monuments covering the northern half of the city, also known as the Historical District. Our group of 13 were very lucky to be able to stay in an amazing 3 story house in this fancy side of town, most of the furniture felt too nice to even sit on, but we got used the luxuries very quickly.

Above are the two pieces I've had the time to scan in since being back. I'll get the rest posted over the next few days and tell more of the tale.

The top piece is from Day 2 the morning after a night of drinking too much..chocolate milk. The left page is good friend and watercolorist, Bob Giova. And the right is a small section of a cafe called Gallery Espresso, which the Sons of Turner often stopped in to cool off and get their morning fix. Great BLTs as well! There's so many hidden gems around every corner, you just have to keep looking. Every day someone found something exciting to paint that made the rest of us try even harder. We pushed each other to get more art done and to try things we hadn't before.

The second piece I really began to figure out what I like about watercolor and how to get it do what I want it to do. I hadn't used watercolor much since last years trip. Being around MBK and the other Sons I learn alot about painting and what it takes to be an artist. Most of us are still young, but I think we get years of experience from doing these trips together.

We owe a great deal of thanks to Mat Barber Kennedy, my former instructor and a great artist, for guiding us on this journey. There's so much more to say but I will save it for the next post.