11 February 2009

I promised didn't I?

Enough of the mumbo jumbo apologies. Art is what belongs here. Ill keep up with this more now because I'm wrapping up my 4 years at the American Academy of Art. I've made some great paintings lately and feel I've what figured out what I've been trying to do for so long. I'll be posting these new works little by little in the weeks to come.

I'll post two from where I left off, last spring/summer. The 2nd painting is when it 'clicked' for me. Palette, way of laying down the paint, it was what I saw for so long but couldn't quite produce yet. Now I'm there, and already looking for ways to evolve it.

Butt Painting
. Square Foot. Fun, made with a palette knife.

Innocent Victim #1.
Oil on Canvas. 11"x14"

There's much more to come!