10 December 2009

In progress...

After one sitting. Really pushing myself to work faster.

07 December 2009

21 November 2009

07 August 2009

18 June 2009

Self Portrait

My first (serious) attempt at using Adobe Illustrator. About 15 hours of work. Thanks to Diana for being my real CGF teacher.

18 May 2009

My first watercolor in over a year

The entrance to my house, on the property called "Suitable Digs". (Click for larger view)

Santa Fe

This is the best of the artwork I did while I was in Santa Fe for a week. I was with 9 other artists and we all made a wide variety of paintings and drawings while we were there. I had a great time, I suggest everyone go on a painting trip at least once.

Monument in the center of the Santa Fe plaza

One of many "Double-izers", which I "am the master of."

Santa Fe Museum of Modern Art

Old beat up Ford by the side of the road

My view from the plane on the way home

Looking down the plane

17 May 2009


24" x 36"
(Click for larger view)

I had a very helpful sculpture class while I attended the Academy. Being a painter, confined to a flat surface (or practically flat), it was great to create something three-dimensional.

I recently returned from a painting trip to Santa Fe, NM. It was an amazing experience. Being there, in such a new environment, seeing only desert and mountains on all sides, really puts some things in perspective. Having that landscape to see out the car window for a week was really breathtaking. Their art stores have giant snakes in them, by the way. But by the end of the trip, it's great to come home to Chicago and have a new appreciation for the many things we take for granted here. 
Anways, I did some painting and drawing while I was there and will be posting it very soon.

07 April 2009

Mini paintings

Here's two paintings done last fall for school. I was more focused on the surroundings than the soldiers themselves. I created some extreme texture in the 2nd panel using an underlying medium, had a really great effect. 
These are close to life size, slightly smaller. I was trying to see how my style would look small.

"Soldiers #1" 

"Soldiers #2"

And this last piece is one of a few paintings I've been doing on cardboard in my spare time. Took around 5-10 minutes. Just to experiment with acrylic and see what happens. I just noticed all three of these have to do with guns, not intentional, I swear.

All paintings are for sale. Contact me for more info. jerrythethird@gmail.com

11 March 2009

'An Eye Can Threaten like a Loaded and Levelled Gun'

Biggest painting to date. I started to get some recognition thanks to this piece and it's the starting point of everything I'm working on now. There are quite a few pieces in progress, so hopefully I get them done before my show at the Merchandise Mart, April 10th. Get full details here
If you're in Chicago definately come by, it's one night only.

11 February 2009

I promised didn't I?

Enough of the mumbo jumbo apologies. Art is what belongs here. Ill keep up with this more now because I'm wrapping up my 4 years at the American Academy of Art. I've made some great paintings lately and feel I've what figured out what I've been trying to do for so long. I'll be posting these new works little by little in the weeks to come.

I'll post two from where I left off, last spring/summer. The 2nd painting is when it 'clicked' for me. Palette, way of laying down the paint, it was what I saw for so long but couldn't quite produce yet. Now I'm there, and already looking for ways to evolve it.

Butt Painting
. Square Foot. Fun, made with a palette knife.

Innocent Victim #1.
Oil on Canvas. 11"x14"

There's much more to come!