01 November 2007

Yet another thing I must worry about.

Nah, actually I think a blog is probably whats best for me. Not just to show my art (because Deviant-art is feeling amateur-ish) but to show other people's pieces or talk about other things that inspire my art. I hope to update this weekly or maybe several times a week.

That piece above is by Jenny Saville and I find her work to be fucking spectacular. The way she lays down paint is similar to how I can see my own work looking.

I've been forced to think alot more about my art lately. Not just what picture I'm about to make, but what I plan on doing with it, for instance, is it going to be in a gallery? How much is it worth? Is it even good enough to sell? Can I let a piece go into someone else's possession?

I feel like I've learned and grown so much over the last 4 months. I try not make things so precious, especially my art. Art's supposed to be an expression, how well thought out are expressions most of the time? I'm letting things be more spontaneous and it feels good to let go and just stop thinking sometimes.

This was so fun, and such a struggle to paint. This was my first painting of the school year and I am very surprised by it.

I'd like to ask other people to leave comments or suggestions letting me know what you think about pretty much anything. Is it confusing if I put someone else's art and my own in the same post? Let me know...